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The Monarchy of Mael: A Tale of Two Cities

“As I fly over Mael I cannot help but reflect on the convoluted history of this nation. Or should I say, two nations?

Up until 121 AW, this particular area was occupied by the Galders, a proud people, with deep-rooted tradition in farming and logging. Gald consisted mostly of the Golden Valley where their capital city, Silverscot, resided. Gald was famous for its high-quality wheat-made and wood-made products. However, they were also infamous for their poor negotiation and organizational skills.

However, this changed when Prince of Ember, Dorian III at the age of 17 promised to his newly-wed wife — Princess Katharina, a Whitescar-born Duchess — a crown and a kingdom less humid and hot than Ignos. In a span of 10 years, Dorian III raised an army, conquered the region south of the Golden Valley, built Maelborne, and subjugated the proud, yet unorganized Gald. In 121 AW the Kingdom of Mael was founded and was quickly recognized by nearby nations.

Naturally, Gald resistance was strong during the first years of Mael and many battles took place between Maelborne and Silverscot. However, the revolt quickly subsided when the Treaty of the Three was signed, bringing vast riches to the citizens of Mael, Vaelkar, and Dharêth. Coincidentally, King of Mael, Dorian III passed way soon after the treaty was signed, despite his young age and his realm-known superb physique. Queen Katharina, utterly devastated from the loss of her husband, quickly reformed the newly established kingdom into a hereditary monarchy where women come first in the line of succession.

Nowadays, the Monarchy of Mael is a rich and peaceful nation, which makes me wonder: Is simply enough gold the prize of subjugation?”

Excerpt from A Brief History of Ær-Toril
Janathiel II

The Monarchy of Mael as depicted in Janathiel II’s World Map of Ær-Toril.

Official Name: Monarchy of Mael
Banner: An iron fist holding a mace and a wheat
Economy: Rich (farming, logging)
Population: ~300,000 citizens, 55% Galders, 45% Maelish (a mix of Igni, Vaelian, and others)
Military Strength: Medium
Religion: Galders worships Jaktara (Goddess of Winter and the Hunt), Maelish worship several deities.
Characteristics: Fair Skin, Brown/Blonde Hair, Brown/Black/Green Eyes
Capital: Maelborne, ~140,000 residents
Language: Gald, Mealian (a dialect of Igni)

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