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The Chained God Prologue: The Tree of Life

Ruins of the Asgardian Palace, Asgard, 4 AR.

Under the ruins of the building that once ruled the Heavens lies a room full of forgotten secrets. In it, a young elf is reading a book murmuring to himself. His dire wolf pelt lies on the floor. His longbow and lyre are dropped hastily on a table. So focused he is on his research that he does not hear the woman entering the room.

“Trygve,” says the redhead woman, looking concerned at the countless books surrounding her husband. “Something is wrong, Ottkatla,” says the elf without looking away. “You think?” responds his wife, her concern now transformed into fury. “I will tell you what’s wrong. Every single god is dead. But that’s OK because apparently, they were a bunch of megalomaniacal lying bastards anyway. Valhalla is a lie and Helheim is scarier than we ever imagined. We lost our child because your best friend killed me. A volcano exploded killing thousands and bringing famine to our lands, while an army from Suthrland razed our crops and raped our women. And now that we finally managed to push them out of Midgard, you spend your days in this damned room reading these books instead of spending time with your family. So, tell me, Trygve, what’s wrong?”

But Trygve had stopped listening halfway through Ottkatla’s monologue. His eyes are now fixated on a depiction of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. He is paler than usual and engulfed by cold sweat. He tries his best to smile and turns to face his wife. “My love, everything I do, I do it for us, you know that, right? This… This is big.” “How can it be bigger than everything I described, Trygve?” says Ottkatla, her fury now transformed into despair. Trygve tenderly kisses her forehead. “I will explain everything, I promise. But first, I have to see my father.”

This story is part of a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign called The Chained God.
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