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Bioshock Infinite Review: An FPS Gem That Respects The Intelligence Of Its Players

“There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city.”

When Bioshock Infinite was published in 2013 critics and fans were ecstatic. However, for reasons that today are unknown to me, I never got to play the game. Needless to say, when I made the list of the things I want to experience and review on this blog, Bioshock Infinite was among the first things I added. But what kind of games is Bioshock Infinite and does it stand the test of time?

What Is It: An FPS set in the imaginary flying city of Columbia filled with social commentary about modern America while exploring the philosophical aspects of choice
Difficulty Played On: Hard
Liked: The mind-blowing ending, the amazing artwork, exploring Columbia is a blast, superb voice acting
Disliked: Linear gameplay, poor equipment management, rubbish (literally) bin scavenging
Platform Played On: PC
Hours Played: 14
How Many Years After Its Release: 6
Developer: Irrational Games
Publisher: 2K

“Well, damn.”

Bioshock Infinite is a first person shooter game set in the Bioshock universe. In the first few minutes of the game we are introduced to our protagonist, Booker DeWitt, who is forced to travel to Columbia to “retrieve” a girl named Elisabeth to wipe away his “debt.” As it happens with every FPS, things escalate quickly as Booker sets in motion things he cannot possibly even begin to comprehend. The campaign is roughly 12-15 hours long depending how much you like to explore.

Graphics & Artwork: Graphically, Bioshock Infinite is solid. I played the game on maxed out settings and I was pleased with the level of detail as well as the constant 60fps frame rate. However, while Bioshock Infinite’s visual components are not technically revolutionary, the reason it stands the test of time is because of its superb artwork. In fact, from the moment Booker sets his foot on Columbia the game prepares the player for an artistic deluge. I strongly recommend to newcomers to take their time and explore the city and admire the buildings and the posters.

One of Bioshock Infinite’s most amazing aspects: The artwork.

Characters & Voice Acting: Bioshock Infinite has a surprisingly short cast of characters — I would argue that you can count them with one hand — however, this does not take away anything from the game. In fact, the characters are amazingly written and superbly voiced-acted. Specifically, Elisabeth, is the most likeable character I’ve experienced after The Walking Dead’s Clementine. The characters are both believable and interesting, so much in fact that during the game you feel the need to learn more about them.

Majestic. Now let’s kill some more.

Story: This is where the game truly shines. Contrary to so many games out there, Bioshock Infinite does not serve you a dumped-down version of the classic good-vs-evil story. In fact, from the very first minutes, the game lets you know that figuring out what’s going on will be a puzzle for hard solvers. Unfortunately, I cannot share any information on this aspect of the game, as even the smallest detail will classify as a spoiler. Nevertheless, you have to believe me: The story is mind-blowing. Do yourself a favor, avoid all spoilers and simply play the game.


Gameplay: When it comes to gameplay things are not as simple as with the story. Overall, the gameplay is solid. The fights are fun and the powers are interesting. However, as you progress you will realize that that there is no room for experimentation. Certain guns and powers are simply better than others or they will better suit your gameplay. Thus, there is absolutely no reason for you to invest in others. If the game was amazing on that respect, you’d feel like missing out when not using specific guns/powers.

However, there is one aspect that annoyed the heck out of me: Rubbish bins. Freaking rubbish bins containing bullets, food, and money. Throughout the game, you will feel like a full-time hobo checking every single rubbish bin out there over and over again because, apparently, ravaging rubbish bins is more fruitful than ravaging actual shops. Nevertheless, and despite its flaws, the gameplay manages to be fun and interesting enough to get you through the amazing story.

“Well, that escalated quickly.”

Overall: A hall of fame worthy game that every gamer out there should experience. Buy it. Play it. Thank me later.


CPU: AMD FX-8320 Vishera 32nm
GPU: 4096MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 380 Series
RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
Motherboard: MSI 970 GAMING
Monitor: OMEN by HP 32 (2560×1440@60Hz)
OS: Windows 10 Pro N 64-bit

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